Love & Lockets


Lockets are one of my favorite pieces of jewelry. There has always just been something about them. For some reason, as a kid, I was fascinated by the fact that you could insert a tiny photo into the little case.

Lockets have been around for a while but have always served a one true purpose: to carry something sentimental for the one wearing it around their neck. Whether it was a photo, a lock of hair, a little love note, perfume or even ashes, it’s been the little keeper of our true love for centuries.  It’s the piece of jewelry that has transcended through time and has never gone out of style.

These little keepsakes fascinate me in that they seem to have a story to tell or hold some little secret that is just hanging around one’s décolletage.

Dr-1300.3L         R2600.4L


I love the idea of carrying a tiny photo of your sweetheart. Keeping your loved one close to your heart; always with you.

vcly3_small      locket_vintage_photos c87efd1a77446790688c196a7212ded9  victorian-locket


I recently found a locket that my dad gave my mom. His name with a simple message and the date are inscribed on the back. The date reads 12-25-67. I’m uncertain if this was a Christmas gift or wedding gift as they were married on December 28, 1967. I truly cherish owning this little love locket.

Do you have a locket with sentimental  value?

Locket front     Locket back


My mom’s locket given to her by my dad.

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