Tap pants: The Little Undergarment with Big Appeal


This is not my first time declaring my love for vintage lingerie. I posted in an earlier blog about my admiration for vintage lingerie here. My current love affair is with tap pants. There is just something innocent and naughty about this little undergarment.

Tap pants, french knickers, side-pants shorts, whatever you may call them, they are a little piece of fabric that packs a pretty little punch underneath it all. They look like little shorts and the name derived from tap dancers wearing shorts while practicing their routine in the 1930s. You can find vintage photos from the 1920s-1940s that showed these were a common undergarment women wore.

When it comes to lingerie, I typically don’t buy it just for the bedroom. It’s usually not worn long and I don’t want to buy it just for it to come off in minutes. Confession: my favorite reason to wear lingerie is underneath my clothing while my outfit disguises what is underneath. Garter belts, corsets, lace, silk, vintage or vintage reproduction brassieres, seamed stockings, I love it all. To be all bundled up under a vintage dress or skirt and blouse is the bees knees.


I recently came across a sewing pattern by Mrs. Depew Vintage. The pattern seems slightly simple so I’m interested in giving it a whirl to see if I can make my own vintage reproduction tap pants. If I’m successful, everyone can expect a plethora of tap pants in my undergarment wardrobe.

If you’re looking to incorporate these beautiful knickers into your attire, I suggest searching through Etsy for the various vintage shops. I usually order vintage apparel on Etsy because I like supporting the small online business owners and the site is easy to navigate and find what I’m looking for. I also suggest other vintage manufactures such as Dollhouse Bettie and What Katie Did.

Now it’s time for tap pants eye candy ūüôā

tumblr_mc9jf5OHcQ1rdst62o1_500 pinupmodel-main_full whitezombie Peach-silk-charmeuse-lingerie-set-brassiere-and-tap-pants-with-lace-appliqués-and-trim-by-Boué-Soeurs-French-1920s-397x500 blue eyed monster 8e54f3903c6266456972b3defbf6edf5 20th-century-1930s-lingerie-bra-and-tap-pants fe7b4d5d8dfea3d92171320caf5a58bf e6b49a6a66f9505f238e2bcd5089926b tumblr_m0jqh43bUM1qzduk8o1_500

Bringing sexy (lingerie) back


Recently I watched an episode of Showtime’s series, Masters of Sex. The show is set in the 1950s. During the episode, one of the characters is getting ready for work and you see her sitting at her vanity in her undergarments. It dawned on me how the undergarments she was wearing, bullet bra, waist cincher, garter belt and stockings, were such the normal thing to wear under daily attire. Of course I’ve known this for a long time and I have these items myself but it just hit me that wearing these daily have gone by the way side. I am certain there are women in the world that do, but it’s certainly not in every women’s wardrobe. So I thought, why don’t we?

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Sure, your comfortability-level¬†may get thrown out the window wearing tight, constricting fabric. But just like putting on a pair of heels for the first time, you’ll get use to the feeling eventually. You didn’t do sprints the first time after putting on a pair of six-inch heels. So it’ll take a few times to get use to wearing these items underneath your clothing. It’s all about¬†taking baby steps before taking the big dive. To me, I love the feeling of sophistication these undergarments give. It makes any skirt or dress slip right on when you have the silky material on. I enjoy wearing dresses and skirts more often than jeans or pants so maybe it’s just more of my preference to ¬†include putting on a good fitting waist cincher to smooth out the body.

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I feel undergarments have gotten a bad rap over the decades because some may associate it with their “grandmother’s girdle.” I’ll admit, growing up I heard my grandmother on many occasions reference her “girdle.” But whatever you want to call it, our grandmothers knew what was up. Like any kind of accessory you pair with your outfit, these classic pieces of underwear should go wherever you go. Whether it’s the office or date night, sophistication is what these pieces bring.

So I declare we bring these beautiful and sexy garments back. (Queue the Justin Timberlake song).

1940s-shoes       vintage-ad-lady-marlene          tumblr_lqi2uhoj1Q1qzbijso1_500

Wear fabulous underwear even if you are the only person that is going to see it.

tumblr_lnvrsjymSV1qkx9qto1_500            stockings

Fashion is architecture: it is a matter of proportions. – Coco Chanel

FSpFeb58_modelling2              friday Dabac_SeamedStockings_1936                   d91307f95b802e51858cfc85b9ef52be d492e44f2d93301ef9aea44051c20ce8        d4ccf01ec268ccc5fd34406c8e2a9f8d         charles-gates-sheldon 0922462e52433f58918a60639376dec0         6170e861777938e10370ca3f0bf3c3ac

Some companies I recommend if you’re looking for yourself or another:
Secrets in Lace
What Katie Did
Dollhouse Bettie
Agent Provocateur

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