Futuristic & Film Noir Forties Style Inspiration

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What does Indiana Jones & Rick Deckard have in common? Okay, I know you’re already saying, both are played by the same actor. Which is true. And also true, one of my favorite actors (just give me one second to stop blushing from all the Harrison Ford hotness). Also, both movies came out in the 1980s, with one coming out in my birth year (I’ll let you guess which one). So all of the above is true BUT not what I’m getting at. Both have two leading ladies in the films that I’m currently pining over their style.

Let me introduce you to Rachael, one of four replicants in the movie Blade Runner, and Dr. Elsa Schneider, Indy’s fellow artifact-finder turned Nazi-sympathizer in the movie Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. I bet you weren’t expecting that. I’ve seen both these movies individually many times. Blade Runner is such a beautiful film and oddly enough, takes place in 2019 Los Angeles. Which is kind of strange considering we’re just a few years away from the year the movie takes place. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade takes place during the late 1930s, just as the Nazi regime was starting.

Interestingly, in both films, the leading female characters wear similar styles. However, taking place about 80 years apart. I’d like to think about the decade we are in now that we’ve evolved back to a 1940s film noir style. But, this is not necessarily reality. Although, I’m no stranger to not caring what the current trend is and just wearing what ever the hell I want. Blade Runner does futuristic well. I have always disliked films made in the 1960s, mostly 1970s and some in the 1980s that are set in the future or past. The reason is the costumes are never done well. The 1970s version of the Great Gatsby is a prime example for me. It still looks like the 1970s rather than the Jazz Age it’s suppose to represent. So when I initially watched Blade Runner many years ago, I had to give this film credit. Sure, some of the electronics are no where near what we have today. And the film does advertise Atari which has gone the way of the Buffalo. But overall, it does the early 21st century well.

Okay, now back to Rachael. Maybe I’m weird but I love her style in the movie. Except for that odd fur coat thing she wears when she saves Deckard from the not-so-cool replicant, Leon.


Not only do I want that black suit she wears as Deckard plays “20 questions” with her to determine if she is a replicant or not, but I am also digging her sheik red lipstick and ode to the forties hair style.


The black suit is my number one favorite but I’d rock the grey striped suit as well.


rachael blade runner striped suit  blade_runner_rachel_piano

And I love the dialogue between Deckard & Rachael as he’s asking her questions and slowly figuring out her true existence.

Deckard:  You’re reading a magazine. You come across a full page of nude photos of a girl.
Rachael: Is this testing whether I’m a replicant or a lesbian, Mr. Deckard?
Deckard:  Just answer the questions please. You show it to your husband. He likes it so much he hangs it on your bedroom wall.
Rachael: I wouldn’t let him.
Deckard: Why not?
Rachael: I should be enough for him.
Now let’s move on to Dr. Elsa Schneider of the Indiana Jones claim to fame. With her business suits and dashing hats, she charms her way into Indy’s heart but later falls (literally) victim to Indy’s infamous slogan: “fortune and glory.” Such a shame because this girl had style.
Even when they’re galloping across he desert, she doesn’t shy away from showing us she was fashion elite.
Her style was so spot on, I forgive her, just a little, for betraying heartthrob Dr. Jones. There is a scene when Indy and Elsa are underneath the historic church turned library and making their way through rat-infested tombs and corridors. During one of the scenes you catch a glimpse of her shoes. And all I can think to myself is how many ladies would kill for those shoes today. They were the epitome of art deco footwear. And there she was, treading through sewage and petroleum-filled waters as I mourned over the loss of those bad-ass shoes.

So there you have it, my current style obsession. Rachael and Elsa are the two leading ladies that have currently won my style-obsessed heart. Now excuse me while I master the perfect forties coiffure.

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Living True in the Name of Vintage


Most of us have a motto we live by. “Live each day to the fullest,” “Live fast, die young,” “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.” For Tammy Pope, she not only lives by a motto, she named her vintage business after the words she lives by.

Tammy Pope is the lovely owner of Live True Vintage in East Nashville, Tenn. Tammy had her grand opening of her eclectic business just a little over a year ago on May 18, 2013. The road to getting the place business-ready was not easy. If you look up the definition of “blood, sweat and tears,” I’m pretty sure you’d see a picture of Tammy pouring herself into whipping the building into shape. While most people would have given up on a run-down building, Tammy did not and the fruits of her labors show when you walk into the store today. Tammy has the whole store displayed in such a charming and appealing way. She definitely gets a A++ in decorating.


IMG_5204       IMG_5206

When asked to describe her shop, the first word she said was “fun.” She went on to explain that when girls come into groups to try stuff on together, even if they do not purchase anything, they say they have fun. This is the biggest compliment to her. She also says she gets to listen to The Cramps instead of local radio station Jack FM, which she was subjected to when she worked for the United States Postal Service. I have to admit, being a music lover myself, it is nice when you can listen to what you want while you work.

. IMG_5212     IMG_5211

She opened the business out of necessity. “First I started doing Ebay and Etsy. It was going good and I would set up a flea markets,” explained Tammy. She would also commission pieces and paint furniture. She kept accumulating items and first bought a little vintage bus and showcased at car shows. When it started to look like she might have to get a storage unit to store all the vintage treasures she was finding, she started looking for a residential business. After looking for a long time she found the building she currently occupies.

She described her experience with opening up her business as, “Super satisfying….any progress is your own.”  There was no electricity during the first three months and she started having other problems with the building. She stated it’s, “been like a fun roller-coaster.” And how she elaborated on that was the feeling you get when the roller-coaster is about to crest at the top of the hill and the feeling as you’re plummeting down (she also did an amazing demonstration of being on a roller-coaster). Even though it’s a wild ride, when the roller-coaster stops, you’re wanting to go again.

IMG_5216    IMG_5217     IMG_5208

Coming up with the business name didn’t prove to be a cake walk as one would think. When she started to create her online stores on Ebay and Etsy, she used the search tool to ensure there wasn’t another name out there. Every name kept coming up taken. Out of a fit of frustration, she threw her head and fists to the desk to at least take a moment to breath. That’s when she looked at her hands and decided to type in the words that are tattooed at the tops of her fingers. She entered the words, “Live True”, and BAM! the name wasn’t taken and the answer had truly been right at her fingertips the whole time. “Live True is my business motto. I’m not apologizing for anything,” stated Tammy. I’d say one can’t argue with that because these two words have a big meaning and is a phrase everyone can understand.

I asked her if she had any favorite items she enjoyed selling. “I like t-shirts because they’re always so funny.” She had a Dolly Parton t-shirt that sold in one day. She also likes country and western concert tour shirts, especially from the 70s and 80s. “It makes people so happy to find these t-shirts.” She likes to see people’s faces light up when they discover a t-shirt from their favorite band, musician or tour. As someone that still owns some of my band t-shirts from back in the day, I can see why people get so happy when they find their favorite. Her favorite part about owning Live True Vintage is seeing everybody and when her friends come to visit. She also enjoys the shows that are showcased at the shop. There is a space in the shop that bands and musicians can set up and play a show.

IMG_5218    IMG_5205    IMG_5221

To close out the interview, I asked Tammy for some closing remarks or what I like to call, “Famous Last Words.” She said this, “Support small businesses. If you can’t come in, you can share a status [on Facebook].” She also pointed out that other small businesses help each other out and support each other. Live True Vintage is a charming little shop that not only delivers a great message with it’s name, it also delivers the best vintage products in town.

Live True Vintage is located on 3123 Gallatin Pike Nashville, Tenn 37216. You can also go like her Facebook page at Live True Vintage or Instagram at livetruevintage.

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