DIY December

winter pinup

It’s hard to believe it’s already December. This year has just flown by. I remember when I was about a teenager/young adult my mom saying, “when you hit 25, the years just fly by after that.” I’m in my thirties now and definitely feel that time slips by much more quickly than it did years before the quarter of a century age.  I enjoy this time of the year because it’s wrapping up and giving you time to reflect. I do wish I lived somewhere that had a more predictable winter. Earlier this week it was comfortable high 60s degree weather and as of this  morning it’s dropped so low there are icicles outside. Another thing I look forward to during the month of December is New Year’s Eve. It’s one of my favorite holidays-Halloween and 4th of July are the other two. I love to celebrate ringing in the New Year!

I’ve been feeling very creatively inspired lately. Part of it is that I’m trying to spend less time on social media and more time exploring the world. I try to  keep in the forefront of my mind what we all did before iPhones and Facebook. Instead of mindlessly checking Facebook for [insert no. of hours here] as precious time slips away, I’m trying to pick back up the things that bring me joy in life. One of the things are writing, which is why I started this site. I’ve allowed myself to keep up with Pinterest though. I love Pinterest! I get so many ideas about style, cooking and diy projects from that site. Plus, I see it as my inspiration machine. I’m planning to get my sewing machine out and play with making a few easy things to ease back into it. I’ve picked up my digital camera again and said I would take more pictures using it than on my phone. Which in turn, would allow me to get back in photography and Photoshop.


With the holiday season upon us, I’ve been compiling my Christmas gift list and organizing what gifts I want to give loved ones. I’m determined to do A LOT of diy gifts and shop locally. I struggle with Christmas because part of me loves the whimsical feel of the holiday season and I do enjoy gift-giving but a bigger part of me loathes the consumerism and the fact that people spend so much money (that they really don’t have to spend) on buying things nobody really wants or needs. That’s the one thing about diy I like is that it’s handmade and more thought is spent in the gift because you’re thinking of the person you’re giving it to while you’re making it. I’ve found some great diy ideas (thanks to Pinterest, of course!) and plan to share them throughout the month. I also want to support local shops and if I do purchase anything from a store, to only purchase from small businesses.

So keep a look out for my DIY December! Feel free to share your holiday gift list or diy projects 🙂



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