Sunday Spa Night

bathtub 1920s


Part of my self-reflecting lately includes taking time for me. Not in a selfish way but meaning taking the time to calm myself and remove the things that cause stress or negativity. Stress is a part of life but you have to find a balance. I have a pretty demanding job and about a year ago it test every ounce of my patience and sanity. I promised myself I wouldn’t let that happen again. It’s simple: Life is too short. And that means it’s too short to let the stress rule my life.

So to focus on my mind, body and spirit, one of the routines I am starting to keep going is a “Sunday Spa Night.” After all the chores are done, I shut down that part of my brain and focus on relaxing. I take time for me. I told myself I can do this once a week. The biggest part of my spa night includes a warm bath. I only use candles for my lighting so it can calm my mind. Occasionally I’ll drink wine as I’m soaking the stress away. I focus on my breathing and getting in a resting state of mind. I don’t think about the next day being Monday. And I tell myself I can only control so much and there are only eight hours in a work day. I literally unwind my mind. When I’m done with the bath I start my skin care ritual. I am fortunate my mother started me at a young age, about 21, with getting into skin care. I really think taking care of your skin and body is the “fountain of youth.” You have to. Next I give myself a mini-manicure and pedicure. I pamper myself from  head to toe. I’ve done this whole Sunday night routine before but I began to tell myself tonight I need to make this a weekly routine. It’s the best way for me to clear my head and prepare myself for the week. It’s my Sunday Spa Night. 🙂

What do you do to pamper yourself, darlings?


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