Say hello to Second Empire Style



I am a big admirer of architecture. Specifically architecture between the late 1800s to the 1930s. I literally swoon over anything Edwardian, Victorian or Art Deco. My heart falls in love with these styles, whether it can be seen in buildings, furniture or style.

For now, I’d like to shine the spotlight on Second Empire architecture. This style was the popular one of it’s class roughly between 1855 and 1885. Second Empire evolved during the time of Second French Empire. It was our French amis that gave the world the gift of this exquisite style. The design sailed across the sea and the United States was lucky enough to catch on to the trend. It was notably distinguished by the tower element incorporated into the homes. Which may remind someone of our favorite ghoulish family homes like The Munsters, The Addams Family or even spookier, the Bates’ home in Psycho (go ahead and Google, I’ll wait until you get back 🙂 ).

mansard    resolver


Another notable feature is the mansard roof (see above, left). Just like a perfectly designed wedding cake, which was sometimes what described the style, the roofs were carefully crafted. The windows were like pieces of artwork by themselves. An interesting fact about Second Empire style is where in the United States it was most popular. The Northeast and Midwest gave this design a lot of love because these are the regions you would find this type of architecture. The least common was the Pacific coast and it’s a rarity you would find this style in the South. Being from the Southern region of the United States this information disappointed me!

This style may not be everyone’s cup of tea but we do have to appreciate the work that went into designing and building these structures. These were the days when a single person hand-carved staircases, which that information by itself just blows one’s mind. So say hello to Second Empire style!

The-George-Lord-Little-House-Kennebunk-Maine2          second-empire_03 Second-Empire_02        Second_Empire-540x405 Second empire 1        henrypkenthouse convent                        carus mansion blog_photo_Second-Empire            5989796565_9540e1298a_o 1831NYHarlem      749 132lindsley0      016

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