Vintage holiday gifts


I hope you all had a very merry holiday. I’m pretty exhausted from all the hustle and bustle this time of year brings. But I only slow down a bit to catch my breath so I can get ready for one of my favorite holidays, New Year’s Eve! But for now I’m going to share a few gifts my husband gave me for Christmas.

You may have figured it out from reading a few other posts that I am an antique lover. A lot of the furniture and decor in my home are antiques. And one of my very favorite things to do is go “antique-ing.” I’m fortunate my husband loves to do the same as well. We could spend hours exploring an antique shop.

Which brings me to the gifts my husband gave me for Christmas. Four out of five of them were antiques and I’m going to share these treasures with you.


These pieces are a necklace and earrings set. My husband told me he asked the staff at the antique store if they had any art deco jewelry. The staff directed him to the booth where he found these gems. The dealer told him she bought the set in the 1980s from another antique shop. I love how bold the colors are and that the necklace pretty much demands attention. It is the perfect art deco piece to display around my décolletage.


My husband did a little research on the second necklace and earrings set. This beautiful necklace and earrings set are by a designer name Miriam Haskell. She was an American designer of costume jewelry. I’m not a stranger to costume jewelry because I have a lot of my grandmother’s costume jewelry. The earrings “screw” and they are what I like to call “ear screws” because that’s how these types of earrings were described to me growing up. This is also another great set that sparkles.

The next two gifts are antique handbags. One is from the Victorian era and has a little wear and tear. I just can’t believe it’s survived all these years. The second handbag is 1930s French art deco. Definitely just as gorgeous as it’s older friend from the Victorian era.

IMG_4924                IMG_4930

These vintage treasures were a pleasant surprise. I love the fact that my husband gives me antiques for gifts. I hope to give these lovely items the same love their previous owner(s) gave them. 🙂

Do you love antiques as much as me? And has anyone ever given you a vintage gift that you’d like to share?

These items were purchased from Gas Lamp Antiques in Nashville, Tenn.

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