Date Night with Bettie


This past Friday, my husband and I attended the Bettie Page Reveals All movie premier at the historic Belcourt Theatre. It was a sight to see all the Bettie fans eagerly await the showing of the film. So many movie goers were dressed up in retro 1950s attire to see Bettie on the big screen.

IMG_4946 IMG_4942 IMG_4951

The hubby and I wore our matching black with white piping 1950s western outfits. The clothes did not come as a set. My husband had originally bought his and I found this dress that seemed to fit it quite well. I channeled my inner Bettie and curled my hair and snipped my bangs to create the infamous “Bettie bangs.” My husband slicked back his hair and threw on his cowboy boots. We were ready for the show!

Everyone looked so excited before the film began. Ladies with their 1950s-inspired clothing and victory rolls in their hair and gentlemen looking super dapper. Just as a sidebar: this historic theater happens to serve alcohol so we sipped on drinks while we enjoyed the show. The lights dimmed and the camera rolled and there was the iconic “sultry siren of the southland” as she was introduced in the opening of the movie.


The film is narrated by Bettie herself during her older years. The movie began with her childhood and chronologically showed her life through pictures as she told us about the moments of her life. It was great to hear about her from her. Not all biographies have the opportunity to have the actual person do this. Towards the end we see how much Bettie influenced culture and art. Bettie has been the muse for many artists; one of my favorites being Olivia De Berardinis.

Bettie is such an iconic women that has bedazzled and inspired so many people. Thankfully, she is still an inspiration today and still hypnotizes anyone that lays their eyes on her famous pictures.

NY-BZ771_MOVIE_G_20121107183622     bettie-page-reveals 20131201_inq_tops01-a      bettie-page bettie page 660 ap graphics bank

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