The Saint & Sinner: A vintage-inspired photo shoot with And How! Imaging



I love photography. I love admiring the images others create and I enjoy creating images in front of the camera. I think the camera is one the best inventions. To capture our moments in time is such a beautiful thing to me.

Last month my husband and I had the pleasure of creating a vintage-inspired photo shoot with the lovely folks of And How! Imaging. And How! Imaging is Amy and Charles Rouyer who are two very creative people. Their work ranges from pin ups, portraits, conceptual, events, bands and musicians, girls + cars and weddings. They create some great photo shoots and capture the subjects of their photo shoots well. Our inspiration was the 1920s and we just took it from there. When we arrived they had many props and a great setting for us to come up with a theme. I wore a black dress from the 1920s that I had picked up on our trip to Virginia. My husband wore his jazz age-inspired suit. We sat on a church pew, picked up an old, old bible and posed in front of many items that hark back to this time. My husband, being the silly person he normally is, took a few naughty shots. It reminded me of the purity and conservative facade people gave during this time in history, yet, underneath it all, something else could be lurking. Me looking like a saint and him looking like a sinner. 😉 It was a lot of fun and I definitely recommend booking a photo shoot with them. They are great people to work with. Go ahead, check out what I’m talking about ☞ And How! Imaging.

Below are the photos from our photo shoot.

_DSC8758 ahi bw _DSC8773 ahi _DSC8774 ahi _DSC8786 ahi bw _DSC8793 bw ahi

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