His Girl Friday: A Fabulous 1940s-inspired Photo Shoot with And How! Imaging


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I love photography. I admire it and truly think it’s one of the best inventions. We’ve spent over a century documenting moments in our lives and photographs have preserved those moments long after they have passed.

I have to say, I’m a lucky gal to have some really talented photographer friends. I love coming up with concepts and different looks for a photo shoot and it’s super swell when these talented friends bring these ideas to life. I recently did a photo shoot with my good pals of And How! Imaging. My husband and I worked with them before and you can view the photos here. They are the sweetest people you’ll ever meet and their work is fantastic. They are a wife and husband team, Amy and Chuck Rouyer, and live right outside the Music City capital of the world, Nashville, Tenn. Amy is the photographer and her husband assists her on the photo shoots. Although their work doesn’t stop there, they put a lot of time and care into each photo shoot and the post-production. Then Amy delivers the photos to you like a perfectly wrapped birthday present. And when you open it, your eyes fill with delight. The photos just instantly invoke happiness!

I had the concept of a 1940s look and talked to Amy about this. They had tons of terrific props for the setting; as they did for the first shoot I did with them. They gave lots of creative direction with poses and the different looks for each picture. They took time to make sure the lighting was just right. I appreciate when someone takes time to study these things each time they get ready to capture the photo. You can tell they have done their homework because they always pass the test flawlessly when you’re working with them.

I always think we should pamper ourselves and when we think about this, our minds go to a massage, pedicure/manicure or some other spa-type treatment. But I truly think a timeless way to pamper yourself is a photo shoot. Hire a professional and let them do their work. And once they’re done, you have a spectacular product (your photos) that you can cherish for decades. So I HIGHLY recommend you contact them and book a photo shoot. What are you waiting for?? Jump on over to their website and check out their work! ☞ And How! Imaging. You can also like them on Facebook or Instagram. 🙂

Now, feast your eyes on these fabulous photos from our forties-inspired shoot!

_DSC1826 ahi _DSC1839  ahi    _DSC1869 copy ahi

AHI_1157 ahi    1940    1940-4

AHI_1162 ahi



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